Developer Overview

The Khronos Group encourages widespread implementation and adoption of its compute, graphics and media standards. We invite any company, institution or individual to download and use the specifications and development resources to assist in integrating compute and graphics functionality into their hardware or software products. Khronos does not charge royalties to or require licensing by developers using any of its APIs in their own software products. However, implementers of Khronos APIs are strongly encouraged to become Khronos Adopters so that their API implementations may access Khronos' API conformance tests, use Khronos' trademarks, and be covered by the Khronos IP umbrella agreement.

Below is a comprehensive listing of all publicly available API specifications, errata, header files, SDKs, whitepapers, and manuals. More detailed information for each API is available on the web page for that API. Khronos Members have early access to all specifications at all levels of development.